“Thanks to the simplicity of Russell's techniques and the warm, supportive environment he created, I discovered a new sense of openness and connection to myself."

Tanya R. Writer, Toronto, Ontario


“The Clearing process was truly amazing. I had been struggling with a self-defeating issue that had debilitated me in my relationships with others, for over 10 years. In only two sessions with Russell it was gone…it’s really gone. In fact, I look in my mind and I can’t find it anymore. It’s left me. I wish I would have known about this process years ago!” 

—H. Hassem, Mississauga, Ontario


“I had this feeling in my chest - my chest was very big and spacious and wide and open. Everyone and everything was beautiful. It was a wonderful feeling, and I felt so me, like I was residing in my own groove, that I was home, and that everything was just as it was supposed to be, comfortable, warm, safe”

—Beth Clark,Yoga/Meditation Instructor,
Kingston, Ontario


"My life is changed and my soul is free and that's putting it mildly! I was looking everywhere to change my life. My search stops here. Russell Scott is a timeless spiritual master. He is a highly trained, masterful and gently loving being that can walk you through anything.

Helen De Nobrega
Teacher, Writer, Editor, Public Speaker
Founder Inner Fuel- fuelling change from within,Toronto, Ont






November 27 to Dec 1, 2014


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Are you Searching ...for a way

to inner peace and deeper fulfillment in life? 


Maybe you are struggling with a sense of inner emptiness and you are confused about what is meaningful in your life.

Maybe living just feels too hard and no matter how hard you try it doesn't get easier and you can't find any explanation for the random difficulties you experience.

Maybe you are stuck in a recurring problem. It feels like its been there forever and you don't know where it is coming from?

Have you read lots of "self-help" books  but they really didn't help?

And sometimes, do you look back on your life and wonder "Who is this person I became" and "What happened to the life I dreamed I would live when I was younger?"

But at the same time you feel an inner yearning..deep inside.... to be more than you are, to be fully alive, loving and whole...to awaken to who you really are... and this is drawing you to explore awakening, enlightenment, self-actualization and personal growth?

How different would it be if you could stop trying to find your happiness outside yourself and find the true source in yourself?

I know what it feels like. I've been there... had the same struggle.

I've spent over 25 years searching for a life that is deeper than what our superficial culture has programmed us to live. I have studied many philosophies and traditions, thrown myself headlong into many spiritual and psychological growth techniques, gotten banged up and distilled the best of the them.

I've found the way through.

I want to help you find your way out of that emptiness and confusion to realize the peace within yourself and embrace and create a life that you would love to live.

I have written a free mini-book called: "Living from the Inside Out" that is the distillation of 25 years of 1000's of hours of working with people just like you in seminars and one-to-one sessions.



The 10 minutes it takes to read it will help you avoid some of the pifalls of walking on this planet feeling confused and alone. Hey...its not going to solve all of your problems forever (not like all those self-help books promised) but I guarantee you will feel more inspired about your direction in finding a deeper level of fulfillment in your life!

Download it now by scrolling up to the top right side of this page >>>

and take a look for your self...your true Self

Be You To Fullness


For over 25 years through retreats, seminars and counselling I have been helping people just like you who may feel unfulfilled and want more from life. I can teach and guide you to live from your:

  • Authentic Self rather than a social personality
  • Heart’s inspiration rather than the mind’s rationalization
  • Calmness and courage rather than reactivity and fear
  • Expanded possibility rather than contracted limitation
  • Purpose and inner direction rather than confusion and doubt
  • Success and gratitude rather than failure and regret

Photo-3 for-Home-Page-ist1-4920170-butterfly-in-waterI have worked with over a thousand people to help them find greater fulfillment in their lives. I have facilitated over 100 self-actualization retreats and seminars and I also maintain a personal counselling practice.
My fervent commitment to ecology has lead to the organizing of numerous workshops on natural and sustainable living. I am also a published author.
I can quite confidently say that I have lived a deep and rewarding life. If this is what you yearn for, I can take you there.

  • I understand the Mind intimately and I know how to get you through it.
  • I know how to create and maintain satisfying relationships.
  • I know how to be successful in work and business.
  • I know how to work with Life rather than against it.
  • I know how to awaken and live from True presence.
  • I have demonstrated this.

The only thing that is stopping you is the belief that you can’t get what you want.  Are you ready to let that one go?


To live the life you were born to live? Then read on…

About Russell Russell’s Principles Russell’s Story


The 12 Principles by Which I Lead My Life

  1. Russell-shot-150

    Let The Truth Set You Free

    Find out the Truth of who you are, what life is, why you are here. Shun dogma, second-hand beliefs, and fanaticism. They will only imprison you. You can experience the Truth for yourself. Get clear on these things and your real life will begin. Yearn to live from a deeper place of knowingness. The Truth will be your inner strength and the force that will empower you to build the life you were meant to live!

  2. What You Get is What You See

    Whatever you consistently focus your attention on - you get more of.  Start by being grateful for the little things that you have and watch them grow and your happiness double. Pay attention to your attention. Watch it and use it. It’s absolutely where your life starts.

  3. Clear Your Internal Eyeglasses

    External circumstances are a projection of inner beliefs. Stuck in a negative pattern in your life? Look it for it within.  It’s your opinion, the erroneous view that you super-impose on others and the world that leads to external problems. The more you clear your internal eyeglasses the more your real destiny flows into your life.

  4. Life Doesn’t Care

    Look around you. Life is full. It contains and accepts everything: good, evil, beauty, ugliness, materialism, sacredness, war, peace. It’s a total reflection of the state of our relationship with one another …and Life doesn’t give a damn. This is liberating. It means that whatever you want, you can get. Life will give it to you. The only thing that stops you is you. Just make sure that what you bring into life is True.


What Happened?


Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself as a child and asked:

What happened to that exuberance, that radiance, that sense of complete involvement and excitement of just being alive?

Life happened… and at some point, certain experiences overwhelmed you – something was too much to experience and your only choice was to protect yourself, to separate from your true self and to make something up to explain it all:

“Life is too hard” “I’m no good”, “I can’t do it”, “Love hurts”

A part of you got trapped in the past looking through the smoky lens of the mind. You could no longer see the magnificence of the present moment and the world became dull and hazy.



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